Poly Fibre® World has indeed come a long way through its glorious journey from 2009. Steered by the remarkable design philosophy dating back to the Middle Kingdoms of India, from encompassing the era of Maurya Empire to blending the complex techniques of Mughal’s love of art, the company has been fulfilling its core promise of bringing back old traditions to the door of modern technology.

Eager to fulfill his aspiration of making every surrounding a picturesque, Ankur Khandelwal started this company which has now become the pinnacle of a long-cherished dream, exactly as envisioned his tremendous foresight. Today, it’s his incredible prudence and passion that has led to the prosperity of this path-breaking company called Poly Fibre® World.

Ankur Khandelwal is committed towards continuing the legacy of Indian culture, creating new frontiers in quality outdoor products, introducing innovative and cutting edge techniques and setting up the firm as a benchmark for other competitors.

It is with this great pleasure that I welcome you onboard with us. Even as we build and equip your premises with the latest skills and crafty designs, we have not forgotten our roots of helping the our dear ones embrace originality in the backdrop of Indian essence.

I welcome all our existing and prospective customers to join our expanding family. May your journey be fulfilling and enriching.


Nirmala Khandelwal (Mother)