About Us



Poly Fibre® World is a brand of Khandelwal Fibres Pvt. Ltd. established in 2009. It is one of the India’s leading companies of core architecture product and landscape product, with formulation-expertise in resin-bolstering. We work to nurture the architectural excellence, by the way of providing a wide range of products, where each one of them encapsulates the motto of the company.

Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer empowered by the Polymer resin, ensures sturdy strength, bonding, a higher degree of durability, weather resistance, and temperature resistance. The multipurpose use of Poly  Fibre Reinforced Polymer helps in making customized and innovative architectural products that uplift the aesthetics and grandeaur of building and landscape.

Our Product

Pergola, Light Pole, Planter, Sculpture, Cladding, Cornice, Dome, Pillar, Jali, Tower, Moulding, Alphabet, Ball, Fencing, Louver, Feature Wall, Platform, Railing, Porta Cabin and Furniture etc. are available in a variety of sizes, designs, colors, textures, thicknesses and specifications which are exclusively manufactured and sold by us. Our manufacturing unit is fully independent in its functioning and operations which is our core strength. Latest technology machines and state of the art facility make it easy for the craftsmen to beautifully craft the products that are unique and idiosyncratic.



Our team of expert designers and engineers have attended numerous conferences, factory visits, seminars, and workshops held by renowned industry giants at places like Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, China, Macau, Malaysia, Istanbul,Canada, Thailand and Muscat to adhere to the standard of excellence that Poly Fibre® World is known for. Such seminars are like a learning process for the designers and engineers to gain a better understanding of the emerging technologies in the field of design and architecture. Isophthalic, UV stabilized and fire retardant certified raw material from multinational companies are used, as required by the client. Each and every product manufactured at Poly Fibre® World ensures exactness and distinction.


We work for 100% customer satisfaction. Customized designs provide a glimpse of our craftsmen’s innovation and creativity, and every personalized design is tested to ensure sturdiness. Our products require easy installation and maintenance. Within 24 hours of the requirement, our team reaches your doorstep to start the installation. Additionally, Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer is a non-porous, corrosion resistant and highly durable material, which is suitable for all types of architecture and landscapes with excellent weather tolerance.

We have a prestigious long list of clients from India because of the versatility of our products and unique designs. The products are manufactured as per the client requirements due to which, Poly Fibre® World had the privilege of working with giant builders like TATA Housing, Godrej, DLF, Adani, Omaxe, IFFCO, Fortis, Chanakya Mall, Voltas and many more.

Poly Fibre® World is known for its elegant, innovative and personalized designs. Our main aim is to enhance the ambiance by the way of changing people’s mindset about landscaping across India and the world.


Poly Fibre World Pergola

Create an outdoor paradise by installing a striking Poly Fibre World in the outer space. The Fibre Reinforced Plastic used to create these beautiful Pergolas offer advantages that surpass the offerings of products made using traditional materials like steel, wood and aluminium. The Poly Fibre World not only adds to the beauty of your premises but also acts as a protector. Their robust nature, dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength make it an ideal piece to be added to your décor plan. The Poly Fibre World Pergola needs minimal maintenance and is easy to install. Its premium appearance makes it a highly appreciated and sought after product in its league. The exceptional durability quotient is bliss for those who have decided to have it placed in their outer space. We are committed towards crafting the best Poly Fibre World Pergola in order to meet your needs. They are made available to you in a wide variety of unique, attractive and customize designs. Poly Fibre World Pergolas  are highly resistant towards impact, corrosion and weather conditions that include strong winds and heavy snow loads as well. They tend to be bad conductors of thermal and electrical conductivity making them an ideal safety measure for any Pergola that is within human reach.