About Poly Fibre


  • Poly Fibre is an amalgamation of polyester resin & fibreglass.
  • Poly Fibre Polymer Product is a very strong and flexible composite material, made up of polymer matrix which is, in turn, made with fibreglass.
  • Due to a high strength to weight ratio, Poly Fibre Polymer is commonly used in the aeronautical, auto, marine and construction industries, as the alignment of the Poly Fibre of polymerized material can be suited to any design specifications.
  • To build landscape product like Pergola, using wood or cast iron is not an ideal option, because harsh weather conditions and rusting can damage the product.
  • Making a Pergola or Jali with wood or metal base is a very strenuous as well as an expensive task. With advancements in technology – metal, wood, and plastic are being discarded and replaced with Poly Fibre Polymer for durability.
  • Outdoor products made with Poly Fibre Polymer are very tough, weather resistant and can withstand a lot of daily wear and tear.
  • With a lifespan of more than 25 years for Poly Fibre Polymer, outdoor products are becoming everyone’s preference with excellent feedback equipments.
  • We have some of the most advanced equipment in our manufacturing facilities to take care of the entire manufacturing process, from the start to the end, to deliver high-quality products.


Poly Fibre World Pergola

Create an outdoor paradise by installing a striking Poly Fibre World in the outer space. The Fibre Reinforced Plastic used to create these beautiful Pergolas offer advantages that surpass the offerings of products made using traditional materials like steel, wood and aluminium. The Poly Fibre World not only adds to the beauty of your premises but also acts as a protector. Their robust nature, dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength make it an ideal piece to be added to your décor plan. The Poly Fibre World Pergola needs minimal maintenance and is easy to install. Its premium appearance makes it a highly appreciated and sought after product in its league. The exceptional durability quotient is bliss for those who have decided to have it placed in their outer space. We are committed towards crafting the best Poly Fibre World Pergola in order to meet your needs. They are made available to you in a wide variety of unique, attractive and customize designs. Poly Fibre World Pergolas  are highly resistant towards impact, corrosion and weather conditions that include strong winds and heavy snow loads as well. They tend to be bad conductors of thermal and electrical conductivity making them an ideal safety measure for any Pergola that is within human reach.